Are you a new player to the Social Media Game?
Perhaps you’ve been a bit skeptical that it was just a “fad for teenagers”, but now that 1 in 13 people on the planet are active Facebook users (half of which log-in every day), now that 1/3 of those people are over 35 years old and now that thousands of businesses consider social marketing their primary channel for reaching their market, you’re ready to participate.

Or maybe you’ve known it’s important all along, but you’ve simply felt overwhelmed by the pace of change  -all the new technologies to learn, adopt & manage -not to mention the “game-changing” headlines that are posted daily.

We understand how that can feel, and we understand that you want to keep your time, energy & attention focused on the business that matters most to you –running your business, serving your clients & meeting your current business goals.

While you can’t ignore this ‘revolution’ without serious consequences, you certainly don’t need to handle it all on your own.  Whether your need is simply for some initial consulting and training or you’re looking for someone to fully manage your online ‘social presence’, we would be honored to hear your story and help you spread it far and wide.

Feel free to either give us a call (206-428-7626) with any questions, send an email, receive a free 30 minute social strategy session by using our online assessment tool, or just browse around the site.  We look forward to supporting you however we can!


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